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Local Liz’s Field Notes

Historically, December is the month when nonprofits and charitable organizations have made the biggest push in terms of fundraising. The number one reason people give to charity is because they’re asked. If you have a surplus of Currents to spend this month, why not consider donating to one of our nonprofit users of Currents?

5 Reasons Why to Donate your Surplus Currents to Local Nonprofits

Nonprofits are at the heart of the Hudson Valley Current. Currents are created interest free by the exchange of goods and services between members and nonprofits. We are a movement on a mission to create a more abundant local economic system by developing and promoting a local currency that generates its value from community service. This means that our money is backed by Hearts of Gold. If you run a nonprofit, the Current’s Heart of Gold program allows your organization to apply for an interest-free line of credit to pay full price to businesses or volunteers for products, services, or time you would have asked them to donate or heavily discount.

The combination of member donations plus the The Heart of Gold program helps remove the barriers and costs facing local businesses and individuals for doing good in their community. Your donation of Currents to a nonprofit is at the equivalent of the USD value of the donation.